Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ive moved..

I hadnt been very commited to blogger..
Needed to refocus and start new...
This is me started new
Please join me :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cool People Tweet

In my twitter rage of finding cool people to follow, I came across some pretty awesome fitness challenges that people are participating in for 2011 and some pretty cool tweeters. Its a whole new world out there that I didnt even know existed.

@2011miles are these amazing brothers in the UK who are setting a goal to run/cycle 2011 miles each in 2011 in attempts to raise $$ for Wilen Hospice and ShelterBox.
So I started to think how awesome it would be if I could do this. It would mean 5 miles everyday for this year, but what if I missed a day or got sick like I did last week.. these miles would start to stack up pretty quickly. Still thinking about it though, maybe just as a personal challenge so I don't have to be completely embarrassed when Dec 31st rolls around and everyone starts to ask me if I completed my goal and I have to say no. Wamp Wamp :(

Closer to home there is @SAFitExaminer who began a 30 Day: 30 Minute Challenge that promotes making a commitment to getting up and moving for 30 days in 30 minute increments. You choose your activity; walking, running, cycling it doesn't matter as long as you move!! Now this is a commitment I can make. I usually give myself a day off a week from working out and I work out for longer than 30 minutes everyday but what harm can it do to get up on my day off and do a lil' su'im su'im an extra day for 30 minutes?? None! And I will join my fellow San Antonions in getting us out the awful Top 10 placement for Fattest Cities that we've been in for years!

Why did I take so long to join Twitter, look what Ive been missing out on? Little tidbits of health info throughout the day, alerts that bloggers have new post so I dont have to login everytime to find out, what stores are having sales that I absolutley need to participate in...ALL VITAL INFORMATION!!

Has anyone heard of any other awesome fitness/health challenges?

Tweet Tweet!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ah-choo, Bless you!

This entire week I have been sick in bed with the cold of my life. Fever, cough you name it, I had it. Needless to say I didn't work out at all while I was sick, but I did discover Amy's Soups. So far Ive tried the Organic Fire Roasted Southwestern Vegetable Soup and the Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque.

The Southwestern Vegetable was A-Mazing, it tasted like a spicy chicken tortilla soup sans the chicken. It had lots of veggies and hit the spot.

Can you tell I liked it??

The Tomato Bisque reminded me alot of La Madelines Tomatoe soup, which I absolutley love but since it almost 400 calories a cup I rarely get to have any. At just 130 calories this is a perfect substitute and would have been amazing with a grilled cheese sandwich next to it but since I hadnt worked out all week that was definatley not an option.

Someone tell me why I hadn't tried these before or even seen them at my grocery store. Sick or not, these soups are definitely going to have a permanent spot on my grocery list.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas made me miss my workout

I love Christmas!

I love the smell of Christmas trees, I love all the sparkly things, I love the lights and the gifts I get..I mean get to give but I HATE the cold that comes with it! So that was my excuse this weekend..one of them at least. I worked out on Saturday at the gym and didn't today at all because it was cold, in a Texas kinda way (60 degrees with lots of wind) . So The Hubs, Coco (aka The Cutest Dog in the World) and I did some Christmas decorating around the house, yet another reason to miss my workout :) This is the Hubs and my second Christmas married and our first year with a Christmas tree..we're all grown up!

Coco loves Christmas too!

Since I felt bad about not working out, I figured I should at least look up some runs that I could register for in the next couple of weeks. Thinking about working out is better than nothing at all, right? The only one that I found before the year ends is the San Antonio Reindeer Run. So I think this is the one and its only $22! Which brings me to think about next years runs and whether I need to give myself a race allowance or just spend spend spend as I go along. Im more of a spend spend spend kinda girl so this is def something to talk about later. I have until the 11th to register for the Reindeer Run so Im going to see who I can recruit to run it with me :) Any takers?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Im still alive...

6 months later I have returned.

I was planning to wait to start blogging again after the New Year as one of my resolutions but I figured knowing myself I'll have way to many resolutions to keep track of so I might as well start now AND I've been super excited to start up again.

To catch up…I ran my 2nd San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon in November, Yay! The plan was to run the full back in May but after my training started I developed tendonitis in my right knee so I had to cut back. I was disappointed at first but it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to run my Moms first half with her. She was amazing :)
It was also The Hubs 1st Half Marathon…so proud of him.* Sniff Sniff*

I cant say much about the expo because my mom and I literally ran in and out of there. We did have a great find though..Sweaty Bands..if you haven't heard of them you need to look them up.

Both my mom and I purchased one and while our initial motivation was looks, they did an great job at holding my hair back (and I have ALOT of hair), catching all the gross sweat and they didn't slip once! They have an amazing selection of colors, patterns and widths. Literally something for everyone. LOVE LOVE! I've already had 2 girls at the gym ask me where I got mine so I'm definitely going online to shop for more real soon!

Well, again..I'm glad I'm back..it feels good to get these fingers moving again!