Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good for the Soul

Sometimes I am a little too critical of my myself and start to concentrate on all the health/ fitness goals that I have not yet accomplished. I look in the mirror and all I see are the lumps and bumps that I have still yet to lose. I need to remind myself every now and then that the goals that I have accomplished are great in themselves.
I can get so down on myself about not being in "right" jean size and although I wont lie and say that its not important to me, I will say that I do need to work on a healthier self image of myself.

Maybe I should take notes from this girl:


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lettuce and Water Please?

My weigh in and measurements are in 2 weeks and Memorial Day is in 3 which brings along a possibility of wearing a swimsuit. Let the starvation begin!!
Maybe I'll just start the Baby Food Diet Jennifer Aniston is doing or the Freshology Diet Kendra is on.

Well, my chunky monkey butt loves food a bit too much to eat baby food and no one ever got me that stinkin money tree I asked for on Christmas to pay 1500.00/month for "Fresh" food, so I guess I'm going to have to go circa 1942 and just eat healthy.

That meant a grocery shopping trip for me last night and a whole lot of meal planning. Which I am actually really excited about.

So when you see this by the pool Memorial Weekend:

It will definitely not be me but Im working on it :)

P90X- Plyometrics

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Checking In

I'm on week 2...Woop Woop!

I took my measurements last week which were....36-24-36. I WISH!
Theres no way in hell Im posting my measurements, I think I disclosed enough when I wrote my weight on here and not a day goes by that Im not tempting to "Delete Post".
But in keeping with the whole honesty thing I will post when I lose inches.."when" being the key word.

On a completely different topic....I saw George Strait in concert for the first time this past Saturday and it was AMAZING!! I also saw myself in the pictures afterwords and could have sworn that a piglet went to the concert with the Hubs instead of myself. All I saw were multiple chins and cheeks that were obviously storing food for the winter (that is over 6 months away) taking over each picture.
Dont you just hate when you don't get one good picture of yourself? :(

**Apologies for the completely scatterbrained post you just read but it's late and I was needing to check-in**