Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The couple that works out together...

The Hubs and I decided to work out together this past Monday. In the past we had some difficulties when it comes to this. We have completely different intensity levels which makes us a perfect couple in the real world but not so much in the gym world. Needless to say we don't work out much together not to mention we have completely different schedules and workout interests that it doesn't work out most times anyway.

Overall I really enjoyed working out with him,mainly because it was a DVD workout where they have a plan and are telling you exactly what to do vs the Hubs telling me what to do, so it got an "A" from me. He corrected my form on one exercise and although I complained and rolled my eyes,in hindsight I really appreciated it and realized I need to appreciate him doing that instead of complaining. ** live and learn.**

This is EXACTLY what we looked like after our workout:

Dont roll your eyes! It was a transformational workout!!

Meanwhile, one of my close friends has also just this week started working out with her BF and its going pretty well for her too. They recently went out and set up some "Mini outdoor circuit training stations" and did them together. How cute is that?

The more I think about occasionally working out together, the more I'm really starting to fall in love with the idea of "Gym Date" with the Hubs. What a great idea to carve out some time to spend with each other and motivate each other to reach our goals together? I LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

P90X Start Week

A friend and I were chatting the other day about our goals and what we are trying to accomplish in our workouts. It got me thinking about my goal being to lose weight so that I feel better about myself and I can effectively train and complete a Marathon in November.

I know that alot of people all different sizes complete marathons every year, and regardless of size, its about endurance but I want more than that. I don't want to struggle more than I'm already going to because I was too lazy and not committed enough to lose a few extra pounds that I need to lose anyway to stay healthy.

In the last couple of months, I started P90x full time then I stopped and was sprinkling in runs and only using it for weight training. All that going back and forth is not a good plan for me. Ive found out that I'm not good at having too many training programs in front of me. I have to concentrate on one thing and that's it- finish it. It was what I did for 1/2 marathon training last year and it worked for me, I just didn't realize it till now. This is a learning process for me and whats going to work FOR ME and teaching me how I'm going to be able to live a healthier lifestyle for the rest of my life.

I am going to completing P90x, I'm doing the Classic Version. My end date will be on July 24th which should be about 2-3 weeks after my Marathon training starts. I'm going to try and sprinkle in runs if I can but I'm not going to kill myself over it.
I need to concentrate on the short term goal of losing weight so that I can accomplish my long term goal of completing a marathon.

Sorry I'm rambling on and on about this but I really felt like I was just running in circles with my workouts and now I have a plan. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Full of Crap!

I said I was going to do something and I didn't. *Sigh*
Gold Stars to all those bloggers out there who post everyday...I suck at it.

Down to the Nitty Gritty:


Yesterday: Ran 5 miles

Today: P90x- Arms and Shoulders

Plan for the next 2 days:

Wednesday: 5 miles

Thursday: P90x- Legs and Back

On another note, Ive lost 2lbs. Woo Hoo! Now, lets see if I can keep them off and keep it up.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Not me..that's for sure.

When your 5'2 and have legs that look like turkey legs you tend to gravitate away from the whole booty shorts aisle at your local sporting goods store.

Maybe not that bad ....but pretty darn close.

So, finding the right running shorts has been a bit of a hassle for me. I cant wear the infamous Nike Tempo Running Shorts even though they come in all sorts of yummy colors and patterns because they make me look like I'm carrying an extra 10 lbs in my butt.

Like I said before no booty shorts for me 1) because I have Thunder Thighs from Hell and 2) because I look like a stuffed sausage when I try them on (yes, I tried them on and didn't eat for the rest of the week- kidding kidding)

So this weekend while at Dick's I found the Holy Grail of running shorts for myself. At least they're in the running (no pun intended).

Drum Roll Please.....................................

Presenting the Adidas Women's Marathon Run Short *insert applause*

Isn't that little Runner Girl on the back of the short too cute to pass up?

Well Dicks was having a 40% off Adidas Apparel Sale so it turned out to be a deal I couldn't pass up.

The Ultimate Test is tonight when they prove to me that my Thunder Thighs don't make them ride up.
Now that's definitely not the kind of short shorts look I want to go for.

Stay posted for their Final Grade!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Slacker!! Slacker!!

I’m baaccckk!
More determined then ever!

I didn’t fall off the wagon completely but I haven’t been pushing myself to my full potential these last couple weeks. I’ve been giving everything a solid 8 out of 10 which probably explains my 2lb weight gain over the time I haven’t been on here.

Who would have thought this whole blogging thing is so therapeutic??
Not until I stopped posting did I see the difference in the choices I was making from workout intensities to food choices. My goal from here to end of Sept is to post something everyday even if it’s just a blurb of the workout I did from the day before. I haven’t even read anyone’s post since my last post mainly because I was embarrassed to login and admit to my slacker ways.
Pathetic, right?

Lets get down to business:

Tonight: I’m running 5 miles – I’ll post it my dailymile profile once its complete.

Tomm: The plan is P90X for weight training day.

Today: P90- Shoulders and Arms

Tomm: 5 miles