Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Truckin'

I didn't really post all last week but Im still alive and truckin' week went a little something like this:

I did ok with my workouts last week.. Finished up week 3 of the P90x Lean program. I know I should have known this but its getting pretty rough trying to keep up with the hour daily workouts and a running schedule. There have been days that Im just plain exhausted. It doesn't help that I like to stay up late so the thought of getting up early and doing one of my workouts its absolutely insane. Even if I went to sleep early Im not a morning person so I still wouldn't wake up early. Thumbs up to all you runners out there who wake up at 4am to get your run in before work, maybe when we start a family one day and I have rugrats running around it'll be the only time I have to get away but not no-how...I love my bed and my beauty sleep too much. (Watch me eat my words in a couple

I registered for the Austin Statesman 10k- Run Like A Girl and Im super excited, it'll be my first 10k ever in my whole life! I said this on my DM profile and they gave me some great encouragement but its hard to think that I completed a half a couple months ago and I seriously struggled in my 4 miles this past Saturday...What the heck?!?!
Obviously I know that the majority has to do with me not running at all since December...eeek...I know....shame on me and my whole family.
But my fellow DMers are right I just need to be patient, I'll get back in it.

Weigh in Last Wednesday: 133...Shoot me Now!!
What is going on with me? Im working out, making better food choices. I don't get it.
I see some difference in muscle definition and thats cool.
I just don't get what Im doing wrong. I need to look at this more carefully.
Whats your advice? Should I go on a strict diet for a while to kick off some weight loss or should I just be patient and keep on with what Im doing?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hiking and a Booty Workout

This past weekend the Hubs, and his cousin and her husband, we'll call them "the Dittys" went on our best Hiking trip yet, even if it is only the Hubs and my 2nd trip. It was still the best.
We ventured out to Hill Country State Park about an hour away and the drive was beautiful.

The plan was to go on a hike for about 1 hour and a half and then eat the yummy lunch we took aout there, which by the way took us about a hour and a trip to two different grocery stores to find.

After a $6 per person entry, we said hello to the horses (yes, there are people riding horse at our state parks- we're in Texas)and started planning our hike. Little did we know that the planning was going to be of no use to us, especially since the boys had the map.

So we went on our "planned" trails and about 1 hour and a half in, 2 map review stops and a pretty difficult uphill hike. This is the view we were so lucky to enjoy.

I have to say that the Hubs is in pretty good shape and so are the Ditty's (there also fellow P90xers)and that hike wore us all out. By the time we got back to our car and picnic table (3 hours from our start time) we were so hungry and ready for our amazing HEB chicken salad sandwiches and nice cold water. We figured we probably hiked about 5 - 5.5 miles but the uphill and rocky terrain is what killed us. Great booty workout and you know everyone loves a good booty workout :)!!!

Tip: These are not trails a girl should try to run by herself. Honestly, I cant even imagine trying to run here. These a more of a "tie-up-those-boots-Bubba-we-going-for-a-hike" kinda trails.

All in all, I have to say I really really enjoyed this. The weather was perfect, the company was great, we laughed and talked the entire way. The plan is to try to hike at a different state park each month. I hope we stick to this, its nice to break up the monotany of the workout routine.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shopping Perks

One of the things that motivates me in the moment to either run or work out is thinking about all the cute outfits you can wear during and after training.

Yes, Im one of those. How can being able to buy new outfits not motivate you?!?

Im a girly girl what can I say. Not saying that I dont occasionally work out in an old ratty t-shirt from 6 years ago but I do love shopping for running clothes and especially planning race day attire.

Here are a couple of things Im looking forward to purchasing in the near future:

Nikes - Cupcake on a treadmill, I think they had me in mind when creating this.

Under Armours- Pink Run. Cute!!

Theres also this really cool company called Running Divas that have the absolute coolest slogans on the front and back of their shirts. Like "half marathon/ i like it cause its shorter and im lazy like that" Luv Luv!
I saw these in person at the San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon Expo and the shirts are all great quality and they are at an awesome pricepoint too.

How better to keep accountable then to be wearing a "Running" shirt and have someone ask about your training program or your longest distance and have to answer "Oh, the last time I ran was 2 weeks ago and it was only 2 miles"!! EMBARRASSING!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slacker Confessions

Is it weird that I was nervous to post today because I did not want to put it into writing that I slacked this weekend?
Not only did I not run this weekend like I planned, I only did P90X on Saturday and I wasn't so careful on my food choices. LAME!
Although, the Hubs, some friends and I went on a great hike yesterday (another post-another day).

Heres the breakdown: I was aware of my food choices this weekend but I probably could have done better on the little things. I had 2 cheat meals on Sunday but here's my excuse "It was my 1 year Anniversary with the Hubs"!! Congrats to Us!

I cant believe this was a year ago **sniff sniff**

Ok, back to my mishaps..

Cheat #1: Anniversary breakfast at my favorite spot, I chose to eat Pancakes (EEK!) but only ate half a short stack, so in my mind I really only ate 1 pancake. (ssh I'm only lying to myself)

Cheat #2: Our Wedding Cake Baker was so kind to make us a fresh replica of the top layer of our wedding cake so we didn't have to eat disgusting frozen 1 year old cake. And I had a slice. mmm mmm mmm

Bonus Cheat: I ate the appetizer bread, that every restaurant gives you when you go out to eat, at 2 different restaurants....and yes....I added butter.

Ahhh! Why do I do this to myself??

Needless to say I didn't even step on the scale this morning. He just stared at me and I stared at him. It was a showdown of sorts.


Its a fresh new week (I was off of work yesterday so in my mind today is the start of my week) and I'm going to do better than last week. I guess that's always a good start, right? Make my goal for myself to do better than I did last time, whatever it is...better run, better workout, better food choices.

With that said here is my workout plan for the next couple of days:

P90X- CardioX
3 miles

P90X- Shoulders & Arms
P90X- AbRipper X (yes its as bad as it sounds)

P90X- YogaX
3 miles

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scale Stories

The scale read 132lbs this morning.

I am happy about this since my weigh-in last Monday read 134lbs. But the Friday before that I was already 132. So its a little bittersweet, while Im happy with my number because it puts me just 7lbs away from my short term goal of 125lbs. I dont know if I actually lost weight or just mantained.
What I can say is that I feel stronger, and thats exciting!

Goal for next weigh-in: 130lbs

By the way Im barely 5'2 so my goal weight is reasonable - especially when I carry all the extra weight in my midsection:(

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Week at a Time

I had a pretty good weekend but I'm still battling with the scale. I'm up 4 lbs one day and down 5lbs the next. Maybe I'm obsessing too much, I need to learn to gauge my fitness based on my endurance, how I feel and most importantly how my clothes fit (yes-I'm that vain).But this is something I need to look into, why does my weight fluctuate so much??

The Hubs says he can see a difference and while that makes me feel really good I still have the nagging thought in my head that it cant be true. Hes not one to say something just to say it but there's no way in heck that he sees a difference if I don't. I'm looking in the mirror and all I see is the same-o chubster. So while I should have been feeling great about myself this weekend while the Hubs was pouring the compliments and encouragement on I was feeling more and more crappy about myself.Why? Am I sabotaging myself. I need to learn to think more positive and get over these body image issues I have.

This is a new week, with a fresh start. I need to take it one week at a time because my training schedule is starting to overwhelm me when I look at it. I have the same P90x workout as last week just sprinkling in some runs throughout the week. I haven't been to motivated to run but I think getting myself out there is a good start.
Looking forward to seeing results this week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Snack or not to Snack- shouldn't be the question.

I have this problem with snacking. There, its out. I said it.

I'm sitting here at work and I feel the need to snack. Whats coming to my mind are a bag of chips or a candy bar, maybe even a soda. Pitiful, huh? I'm not even hungry.
Its taking every thing in me not to grab my wallet and go to the cafeteria downstairs and buy something. I even tried to kid myself and say that I would go downstairs and get a 100 calorie pack of something or another but I cant ....I know myself I would get distracted by a 500 calorie pack of something else.

I do have to say I'm pretty proud of myself this week. I have been cooking myself a healthy version of whatever I make the Hubs for dinner. Ive completed every workout that I planned so far. And Ive notice I have a lot more energy lately.

So here are my workouts for the rest of this week:

Yoga- P90X
2 mile run

Legs and Back -P90X

Kenpo- P90X
2 mile run

Its nice to feel like I'm on the right path, and fortunately, today, that path does not lead to the cafeteria downstairs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

This was my last weekend of freedom before I start my "buckle-down-no-nosense-get-that-weight-off-fatty" training schedule. I kind of took it easy, I went for a hike on Saturday with my Mom and Grandparents since the weather was perfect for it and one of my new years resolution was to spend more time with my Grandparents.

It was really nice and now that Im more comfortable with the layout, Im pretty sure Im going back to run there. Usually Im pretty scared about going to parks and running (Ive seen too many Law and Order:SVU shows)but this park had a good amount of people without being crowded. After the hike I came home and did the Kenpo workout from P90x which I absolutley LOVE!!

Sunday Hubs and I pretty much took it easy all day. Ive used Sunday on my workout schedule as a rest day, I think it'll help me gear up for the week. We'll see as I really get into my workouts if it works, if not I can always change it.

Since I cant figure out how to post the training schedule I made myself here is what the first part of my week looks like this:

2 miles &
Core Synergist-P90x


Shoulders & Arms- P90x
Ab RipperX- P90X

and here is my Monday morning weigh-in #:
134 lbs - WHAT ?!?!?! (This was my starting weight)
I weighed myself on Friday and I was at 132, so I thought I lost 2 lbs- did I really eat that bad over the weekend?? My weight flucuates alot day to day but I think I just need to stick to weighing myself at the same time all the time (Weight Watchers style).

Heres sending myself good vibes for this week!