Monday, April 12, 2010

Slacker!! Slacker!!

I’m baaccckk!
More determined then ever!

I didn’t fall off the wagon completely but I haven’t been pushing myself to my full potential these last couple weeks. I’ve been giving everything a solid 8 out of 10 which probably explains my 2lb weight gain over the time I haven’t been on here.

Who would have thought this whole blogging thing is so therapeutic??
Not until I stopped posting did I see the difference in the choices I was making from workout intensities to food choices. My goal from here to end of Sept is to post something everyday even if it’s just a blurb of the workout I did from the day before. I haven’t even read anyone’s post since my last post mainly because I was embarrassed to login and admit to my slacker ways.
Pathetic, right?

Lets get down to business:

Tonight: I’m running 5 miles – I’ll post it my dailymile profile once its complete.

Tomm: The plan is P90X for weight training day.

Today: P90- Shoulders and Arms

Tomm: 5 miles


Weighting Around said...

We'll keep you accountable. You can count on that! Remember, we're watching and waiting for big losses from you! Go for it, girl!

Running Pretty said...

Thanks...Im working on it!