Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The couple that works out together...

The Hubs and I decided to work out together this past Monday. In the past we had some difficulties when it comes to this. We have completely different intensity levels which makes us a perfect couple in the real world but not so much in the gym world. Needless to say we don't work out much together not to mention we have completely different schedules and workout interests that it doesn't work out most times anyway.

Overall I really enjoyed working out with him,mainly because it was a DVD workout where they have a plan and are telling you exactly what to do vs the Hubs telling me what to do, so it got an "A" from me. He corrected my form on one exercise and although I complained and rolled my eyes,in hindsight I really appreciated it and realized I need to appreciate him doing that instead of complaining. ** live and learn.**

This is EXACTLY what we looked like after our workout:

Dont roll your eyes! It was a transformational workout!!

Meanwhile, one of my close friends has also just this week started working out with her BF and its going pretty well for her too. They recently went out and set up some "Mini outdoor circuit training stations" and did them together. How cute is that?

The more I think about occasionally working out together, the more I'm really starting to fall in love with the idea of "Gym Date" with the Hubs. What a great idea to carve out some time to spend with each other and motivate each other to reach our goals together? I LOVE IT!!

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Maria G said...

lmao at the picture of Mark and Kelly! You're too funny! It is a good feeling to work out with your partner! Rey and I have been doing that since we started Insanity and it's good to know that everyday at that time you have a butt kicking date with your hubby!! lol