Friday, December 3, 2010

Im still alive...

6 months later I have returned.

I was planning to wait to start blogging again after the New Year as one of my resolutions but I figured knowing myself I'll have way to many resolutions to keep track of so I might as well start now AND I've been super excited to start up again.

To catch up…I ran my 2nd San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon in November, Yay! The plan was to run the full back in May but after my training started I developed tendonitis in my right knee so I had to cut back. I was disappointed at first but it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to run my Moms first half with her. She was amazing :)
It was also The Hubs 1st Half Marathon…so proud of him.* Sniff Sniff*

I cant say much about the expo because my mom and I literally ran in and out of there. We did have a great find though..Sweaty Bands..if you haven't heard of them you need to look them up.

Both my mom and I purchased one and while our initial motivation was looks, they did an great job at holding my hair back (and I have ALOT of hair), catching all the gross sweat and they didn't slip once! They have an amazing selection of colors, patterns and widths. Literally something for everyone. LOVE LOVE! I've already had 2 girls at the gym ask me where I got mine so I'm definitely going online to shop for more real soon!

Well, again..I'm glad I'm feels good to get these fingers moving again!

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