Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cool People Tweet

In my twitter rage of finding cool people to follow, I came across some pretty awesome fitness challenges that people are participating in for 2011 and some pretty cool tweeters. Its a whole new world out there that I didnt even know existed.

@2011miles are these amazing brothers in the UK who are setting a goal to run/cycle 2011 miles each in 2011 in attempts to raise $$ for Wilen Hospice and ShelterBox.
So I started to think how awesome it would be if I could do this. It would mean 5 miles everyday for this year, but what if I missed a day or got sick like I did last week.. these miles would start to stack up pretty quickly. Still thinking about it though, maybe just as a personal challenge so I don't have to be completely embarrassed when Dec 31st rolls around and everyone starts to ask me if I completed my goal and I have to say no. Wamp Wamp :(

Closer to home there is @SAFitExaminer who began a 30 Day: 30 Minute Challenge that promotes making a commitment to getting up and moving for 30 days in 30 minute increments. You choose your activity; walking, running, cycling it doesn't matter as long as you move!! Now this is a commitment I can make. I usually give myself a day off a week from working out and I work out for longer than 30 minutes everyday but what harm can it do to get up on my day off and do a lil' su'im su'im an extra day for 30 minutes?? None! And I will join my fellow San Antonions in getting us out the awful Top 10 placement for Fattest Cities that we've been in for years!

Why did I take so long to join Twitter, look what Ive been missing out on? Little tidbits of health info throughout the day, alerts that bloggers have new post so I dont have to login everytime to find out, what stores are having sales that I absolutley need to participate in...ALL VITAL INFORMATION!!

Has anyone heard of any other awesome fitness/health challenges?

Tweet Tweet!

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