Monday, March 22, 2010

Still Truckin'

I didn't really post all last week but Im still alive and truckin' week went a little something like this:

I did ok with my workouts last week.. Finished up week 3 of the P90x Lean program. I know I should have known this but its getting pretty rough trying to keep up with the hour daily workouts and a running schedule. There have been days that Im just plain exhausted. It doesn't help that I like to stay up late so the thought of getting up early and doing one of my workouts its absolutely insane. Even if I went to sleep early Im not a morning person so I still wouldn't wake up early. Thumbs up to all you runners out there who wake up at 4am to get your run in before work, maybe when we start a family one day and I have rugrats running around it'll be the only time I have to get away but not no-how...I love my bed and my beauty sleep too much. (Watch me eat my words in a couple

I registered for the Austin Statesman 10k- Run Like A Girl and Im super excited, it'll be my first 10k ever in my whole life! I said this on my DM profile and they gave me some great encouragement but its hard to think that I completed a half a couple months ago and I seriously struggled in my 4 miles this past Saturday...What the heck?!?!
Obviously I know that the majority has to do with me not running at all since December...eeek...I know....shame on me and my whole family.
But my fellow DMers are right I just need to be patient, I'll get back in it.

Weigh in Last Wednesday: 133...Shoot me Now!!
What is going on with me? Im working out, making better food choices. I don't get it.
I see some difference in muscle definition and thats cool.
I just don't get what Im doing wrong. I need to look at this more carefully.
Whats your advice? Should I go on a strict diet for a while to kick off some weight loss or should I just be patient and keep on with what Im doing?


SlowlyButSurely said...

Congrats on signing up for your first 10k!

By the way, I just gave you an award - check it out:

Keri said...

A 10K sounds fun!

I try to go by how my clothes fit and not the scale. I have not weighed myself if over and year and do not plan to. It can be so depressing when you know you are eating right and exercising and not see the scale move or worse, see it go up. Just my two cents! I know different things work for different people.