Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas made me miss my workout

I love Christmas!

I love the smell of Christmas trees, I love all the sparkly things, I love the lights and the gifts I get..I mean get to give but I HATE the cold that comes with it! So that was my excuse this of them at least. I worked out on Saturday at the gym and didn't today at all because it was cold, in a Texas kinda way (60 degrees with lots of wind) . So The Hubs, Coco (aka The Cutest Dog in the World) and I did some Christmas decorating around the house, yet another reason to miss my workout :) This is the Hubs and my second Christmas married and our first year with a Christmas tree..we're all grown up!

Coco loves Christmas too!

Since I felt bad about not working out, I figured I should at least look up some runs that I could register for in the next couple of weeks. Thinking about working out is better than nothing at all, right? The only one that I found before the year ends is the San Antonio Reindeer Run. So I think this is the one and its only $22! Which brings me to think about next years runs and whether I need to give myself a race allowance or just spend spend spend as I go along. Im more of a spend spend spend kinda girl so this is def something to talk about later. I have until the 11th to register for the Reindeer Run so Im going to see who I can recruit to run it with me :) Any takers?

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Jenn said...

Thanks for the comment:) Yes, that is a mighty cute dog! I once lived in Texas and then I complained about it being to hot! I need a happy medium! Reindeer run sounds fun!