Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imaginary Fitness Partner

Exercise update: I completed 2 more P90x workouts and after each one have been feeling a little better about myself. Its hard to push myself alone but its also nice knowing that I dont need the Hubs pushing me every second...I can do it myself. :)

Now to the real excitement, I started this blog as a way to keep myself accountable but was inspired by all the amazing blogger chics out there who have documented their progress and share their accomplishments, dissapointments and tips along the way.

So late last night as Im online I stumble upon running in pigtails this really great blog. As Im reading her post, I notice myself relating to her and her goals. I found out she too was trying to:
complete a cylce of P90x ...check
becoming an avid runner....check
Lose more than 10 lbs....check

As I am blog-stalking her I found one of her training schedules and decide that I should make one for myself based on my goals (Ill post it once its all done). So I started one last night and honestly its a little daunting. The Hubs looked at it and said "Are you sure you can do this" in a "I support you but this seems a a little tough" kind of way. Which makes me what to do it even more "I'll show him"!!
Well Im going to try and now that I have an Imaginary Fitness Partner to work out, I mean read along with, I think I have more of a chance.

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