Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

This was my last weekend of freedom before I start my "buckle-down-no-nosense-get-that-weight-off-fatty" training schedule. I kind of took it easy, I went for a hike on Saturday with my Mom and Grandparents since the weather was perfect for it and one of my new years resolution was to spend more time with my Grandparents.

It was really nice and now that Im more comfortable with the layout, Im pretty sure Im going back to run there. Usually Im pretty scared about going to parks and running (Ive seen too many Law and Order:SVU shows)but this park had a good amount of people without being crowded. After the hike I came home and did the Kenpo workout from P90x which I absolutley LOVE!!

Sunday Hubs and I pretty much took it easy all day. Ive used Sunday on my workout schedule as a rest day, I think it'll help me gear up for the week. We'll see as I really get into my workouts if it works, if not I can always change it.

Since I cant figure out how to post the training schedule I made myself here is what the first part of my week looks like this:

2 miles &
Core Synergist-P90x


Shoulders & Arms- P90x
Ab RipperX- P90X

and here is my Monday morning weigh-in #:
134 lbs - WHAT ?!?!?! (This was my starting weight)
I weighed myself on Friday and I was at 132, so I thought I lost 2 lbs- did I really eat that bad over the weekend?? My weight flucuates alot day to day but I think I just need to stick to weighing myself at the same time all the time (Weight Watchers style).

Heres sending myself good vibes for this week!

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Maria G said...

You should also measure yourself around the arm, stomach, hips and thighs. Sometimes when I've been working extra hard and the scale doesn't budge, it keeps me motivated to see that at least the inches are going down. Muscle weighs as much as fat, but it takes up a lot less space, but you probably already knew that lol. Good luck on your journey. I know you can do it.