Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slacker Confessions

Is it weird that I was nervous to post today because I did not want to put it into writing that I slacked this weekend?
Not only did I not run this weekend like I planned, I only did P90X on Saturday and I wasn't so careful on my food choices. LAME!
Although, the Hubs, some friends and I went on a great hike yesterday (another post-another day).

Heres the breakdown: I was aware of my food choices this weekend but I probably could have done better on the little things. I had 2 cheat meals on Sunday but here's my excuse "It was my 1 year Anniversary with the Hubs"!! Congrats to Us!

I cant believe this was a year ago **sniff sniff**

Ok, back to my mishaps..

Cheat #1: Anniversary breakfast at my favorite spot, I chose to eat Pancakes (EEK!) but only ate half a short stack, so in my mind I really only ate 1 pancake. (ssh I'm only lying to myself)

Cheat #2: Our Wedding Cake Baker was so kind to make us a fresh replica of the top layer of our wedding cake so we didn't have to eat disgusting frozen 1 year old cake. And I had a slice. mmm mmm mmm

Bonus Cheat: I ate the appetizer bread, that every restaurant gives you when you go out to eat, at 2 different restaurants....and yes....I added butter.

Ahhh! Why do I do this to myself??

Needless to say I didn't even step on the scale this morning. He just stared at me and I stared at him. It was a showdown of sorts.


Its a fresh new week (I was off of work yesterday so in my mind today is the start of my week) and I'm going to do better than last week. I guess that's always a good start, right? Make my goal for myself to do better than I did last time, whatever it is...better run, better workout, better food choices.

With that said here is my workout plan for the next couple of days:

P90X- CardioX
3 miles

P90X- Shoulders & Arms
P90X- AbRipper X (yes its as bad as it sounds)

P90X- YogaX
3 miles


Chibi said...

You're exactly right: fresh week means fresh start. Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge! :)

Running Pretty said...

Thanks Im excited about joining!