Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shopping Perks

One of the things that motivates me in the moment to either run or work out is thinking about all the cute outfits you can wear during and after training.

Yes, Im one of those. How can being able to buy new outfits not motivate you?!?

Im a girly girl what can I say. Not saying that I dont occasionally work out in an old ratty t-shirt from 6 years ago but I do love shopping for running clothes and especially planning race day attire.

Here are a couple of things Im looking forward to purchasing in the near future:

Nikes - Cupcake on a treadmill, I think they had me in mind when creating this.

Under Armours- Pink Run. Cute!!

Theres also this really cool company called Running Divas that have the absolute coolest slogans on the front and back of their shirts. Like "half marathon/ i like it cause its shorter and im lazy like that" Luv Luv!
I saw these in person at the San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon Expo and the shirts are all great quality and they are at an awesome pricepoint too.

How better to keep accountable then to be wearing a "Running" shirt and have someone ask about your training program or your longest distance and have to answer "Oh, the last time I ran was 2 weeks ago and it was only 2 miles"!! EMBARRASSING!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I love buying running clothes and sneakers. A new piece can definitely help with the motivation.

Keri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! My husband tells me he thinks that I run because of the cute outfits I get wear! Whatever, we have to look cute!

Anonymous said...

I started a love affair with Lululemon. It's expensive, but worth it! I don't know what those pants are made of, but they make my butt look stupendous!