Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Week at a Time

I had a pretty good weekend but I'm still battling with the scale. I'm up 4 lbs one day and down 5lbs the next. Maybe I'm obsessing too much, I need to learn to gauge my fitness based on my endurance, how I feel and most importantly how my clothes fit (yes-I'm that vain).But this is something I need to look into, why does my weight fluctuate so much??

The Hubs says he can see a difference and while that makes me feel really good I still have the nagging thought in my head that it cant be true. Hes not one to say something just to say it but there's no way in heck that he sees a difference if I don't. I'm looking in the mirror and all I see is the same-o chubster. So while I should have been feeling great about myself this weekend while the Hubs was pouring the compliments and encouragement on I was feeling more and more crappy about myself.Why? Am I sabotaging myself. I need to learn to think more positive and get over these body image issues I have.

This is a new week, with a fresh start. I need to take it one week at a time because my training schedule is starting to overwhelm me when I look at it. I have the same P90x workout as last week just sprinkling in some runs throughout the week. I haven't been to motivated to run but I think getting myself out there is a good start.
Looking forward to seeing results this week!

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