Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scale Stories

The scale read 132lbs this morning.

I am happy about this since my weigh-in last Monday read 134lbs. But the Friday before that I was already 132. So its a little bittersweet, while Im happy with my number because it puts me just 7lbs away from my short term goal of 125lbs. I dont know if I actually lost weight or just mantained.
What I can say is that I feel stronger, and thats exciting!

Goal for next weigh-in: 130lbs

By the way Im barely 5'2 so my goal weight is reasonable - especially when I carry all the extra weight in my midsection:(


Continuous Changes said...

Wow, I have the same problem. I am just under 5' and carry ALL weight in my midsection, namely the love handles! I battled with the 130's forever!

Running Pretty said...

Me too! My 130's are the worst..I get soo close to 129 and then somehow I screw it up. NOT THIS TIME...LOL